Kenya Airways Soars to New Heights: Donates Boeing 737 to Mangu High School

In a move that's set to make aviation dreams take flight, Kenya Airways has made a soaring contribution to education. The airline, known for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has donated one of its Boeing 737-700 aircraft to Mangu High School.


Mohamed Sabir Aamir Malik

9/24/20232 min read

Kenya airways - AMCorp
Kenya airways - AMCorp

Fostering Dreams in Aviation

This generous gesture isn't just about gifting an aircraft; it's about fostering the dreams of future aviation professionals. Mangu High School, which will soon celebrate its centenary, has been a pioneer in teaching aviation studies in Kenya. This aircraft donation strengthens the bridge between education and industry, offering students a tangible path into the aviation sector.

A Noble Act Recognized

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen commended Kenya Airways for this noble act of CSR. He emphasized how such initiatives empower students with practical skills, bridging the gap between theory and practice. This move also aligns with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), providing students with a competitive edge.

Fueling Africa's Aviation Dreams

The aviation sector in Africa holds vast untapped potential, with numerous opportunities waiting to be seized. As highlighted in a recent report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the continent needs 55,000 skilled aviation professionals in the next two decades. This includes 15,000 pilots, 17,000 technicians, and 23,000 cabin crew members.

Unlocking Innovation and Talent

Kenya understands that to excel in the aviation sector, nurturing innovation and talent is key. Incubators like Kenya Airways' Fahari Innovation Hub and its aviation school, the Pride Centre, are pivotal in this journey. These institutions not only foster innovation but also prepare candidates for successful careers in aviation.

A Remarkable Aircraft Begins a New Chapter

Kenya Airways CEO Allan Kilavuka shared the remarkable history of the donated Boeing 737-700. With a two-decade-long career, the aircraft has accumulated over 56,861 flight hours and 20,966 flight cycles. Retired in December 2021, it embarks on a new journey as an educational tool for Mangu High School students.

Community Support Takes Flight

Support from organizations like KCB Bank and Crown Paints is propelling this initiative further. KCB Bank's generous donation will aid in transporting the aircraft to the school and provide essential learning equipment. Crown Paints will ensure the plane's vibrant new look.

Fulfilling Dreams and Strengthening Industry

This donation isn't just about an aircraft; it's about igniting passion and preparing the next generation of aviation professionals. It's about ensuring that the aviation technology taught aligns with industry standards. Mangu High School and Kenya Airways have joined hands to further the aviation industry's impetus in Kenya.

A Milestone in Education and Aviation

General Michael Gichangi, Kenya Airways' board chairman and an alumnus of Mangu, acknowledged the school's pivotal role in Kenya's aviation industry. This donation is a testament to Mangu High School's rich history and its ongoing commitment to shaping the future of aviation.

In summary

Kenya Airways' generous act not only provides an incredible learning opportunity but also symbolizes the power of public-private partnerships in transforming education and industries. It's a journey that will undoubtedly inspire and propel aspiring aviators to new heights.