EV Battery Chargers Every 25km: Kenya's Electrifying Roadmap

Get ready to plug in and power up! Kenya is paving the way for a green automotive revolution. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is rolling out new guidelines that will electrify our highways, making it easier than ever to charge up your electric vehicle (EV).



9/26/20231 min read

black car in a parking lot
black car in a parking lot

The Electric Highway

EPRA's vision is electrifying - they plan to have public charging stations conveniently spaced every 25 kilometres along our highways. That's right, you'll be able to juice up your EV no matter where your journey takes you. But they're not stopping there. In urban areas, especially for heavy-duty EVs like buses and trucks, there'll be a fast-charging station every 100 kilometres. And within cities, these charging stations will be strategically located at bus stops.

Powering Tomorrow's Transport

What's even more shocking (pun intended) is that these charging stations will enjoy a preferential power tariff of just Sh17 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) thanks to Kenya Power. The power company is gearing up to support the EV boom, and they're getting ready to charge up fleets of electric buses and motorcycles. Kenya Power estimates that a single minibus in Nairobi could use about Sh2,400 worth of electricity each day. That's the kind of power move that's driving Kenya's EV market.

The EV Surge

The EV revolution is charging ahead in Kenya. Last year, we had 350 registered EVs, and that number is only going up. Public service vehicle companies in Nairobi are going green with EV fleets, and even Kenya Power is hopping on the electric bandwagon, seeking EVs for their own use. KenGen, a major player in Kenya's energy scene, has unveiled its own fleet of EVs for data collection and policy development.

The Road Ahead

Kenya's highways are about to become electric avenues, with charging stations every 25 kilometres. It's a green, clean, and exciting future for transportation in our country. So, get ready to plug in, charge up, and drive into a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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